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[got stuck in the middle of trying to learn how to play a song so is in the kitchen snacking on shit instead. these cookies are unmarked so their probably Luci's. so i'm probably eating them.]
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[i'm in a huff for some Reason, in her room with piles of clothes thrown on the bed and furniture, holding pieces up on herself in front of a mirror before quickly discarding them again.]
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[itt somebody's grocery shopping because dogs apparently only eat pizza and cereal]
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i am one tough fuckin fucker

[MEANWHILE a former weretiger child bride is making a house call to a very prestigious family because they Lost Their Fucking Heal Bitch Tengucon XXX]

It's a kidney stone. Humans get them all the time. You should probably just go to one of their doctors.
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the university of fucking keeping it real

[wow what a lovely evening to enjoy a nice book in my nice quiet kind of creepily empty house without interruption]
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we have unlimited juice?

[today in somebody's super expensive bachelor pad there's a grumpy shota in nothing but a way too large t-shirt reading a book]
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boopy doopy doop boop sex

[itt someone is barging into someone else's room without knocking i hope you weren't doing anything]

Ninny, I need you!
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hey orpheus!

[HEY WHAT'S UP SLUT someone is calling you on the phone]
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(no subject)

[a century or two ago at some fancy party there is some fancy lady chatting up a super rich new money dude

nothing suspicious here!!]
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(no subject)

[somebody's in the (tiny, shitty) kitchen chopping vegetables

may be wearing an apron while doing so]
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(no subject)

[some hunter douchebag is sniffing around an alley.

yes it's the one with all the cats, where do you think you are?]
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(no subject)

[so, after a raid on a rebel base, some group came back with a certain tengu they were sure to be of high value.

of course they didn't plan for him going fucking batshit crazy, so that caused some problems.

after that was sorted out, there's that aforementioned tengu collapsed on his side in (a well lit!) cell, bandages showing under his torn kimono where he tried to maul himself, hands bound behind his back, breathing shallowly.]
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(no subject)

[so is something crawling into your bed in the middle of the night?

something is crawling into your bed in the middle of the night.]
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(no subject)

[somewhere in a corner of a certain family's very swanky party area, a little Naoe (dressed in a gender appropriate kimono) is sitting alone]
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well this way we have it

[so after a series of unfortunate events, somebody is bleeding in an alley by cairnes' apartment

there is also another fellow not far from him, but he is very dead.]
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"googly eyes"?

[somebody made the mistake of letting a bab pick the destination of the day in a large european city so guess what

you are in a library!!]

it doesn't unbang your mom

[bright and early, somebody's throwing open the doors to some drunk's room and letting all the light in.]

It's time to get up.
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lil maneki-neko fest xxx

[near a shrine on the Shiranui lands, the annual festival is going. also some stuck up interlopers from the Naoe clan might be hanging around and taking all the healthy looking fish from the goldfish scooping stand.]
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in another life

[today, a senpai is approaching you!!

no, not that senpai.]
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mister f

[today in the seelie library, someone who looks like they definitely don't have permission to be there is rifling through the ancient Celtic section.]