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[somewhere in a corner of a certain family's very swanky party area, a little Naoe (dressed in a gender appropriate kimono) is sitting alone]
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[so after a series of unfortunate events, somebody is bleeding in an alley by cairnes' apartment

there is also another fellow not far from him, but he is very dead.]
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[somebody made the mistake of letting a bab pick the destination of the day in a large european city so guess what

you are in a library!!]
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[bright and early, somebody's throwing open the doors to some drunk's room and letting all the light in.]

It's time to get up.
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[near a shrine on the Shiranui lands, the annual festival is going. also some stuck up interlopers from the Naoe clan might be hanging around and taking all the healthy looking fish from the goldfish scooping stand.]
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[today, a senpai is approaching you!!

no, not that senpai.]

mister f

Jun. 19th, 2013 01:30 am
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[today in the seelie library, someone who looks like they definitely don't have permission to be there is rifling through the ancient Celtic section.]
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[a Very Confused Baby is hiding stealthily under the covers of his bed after making a scene and clawing some dude]
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[MEANWHILE in some swanky new Unseelie court rooms, somebody's sort of puttering around the bathroom looking for medicine.]
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[sometimes when you live in a tacky underwater palace you gotta watch your dramas on an iPad in a ziplock bag while lounging on the throne.]
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[itt a very classy little lady is waiting in a certain neutral alley way ...]
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[princess is carefully arranging some flowers in a vase in the foyer.]
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[today in the sex dungeon, someone's holed up in the corner and trying to claw something off his back?]
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[in some swanky hotel room, someone's waking up from one of their routine naps to find something that wasn't there when they fell asleep.]
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[if you've ever wondered if baby lookbook hipsters can sense each other

well, one is flagging down another while out and about.]

--hey, Cece!
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[eating leftover chicken on the counter in schoolboy socks and a sweater cuz dumb baby said he could have whatever he wanted ha!!]
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[trying to shuffle inconspicuously back to his rooms at the court, smelling of smoke and liquor and shady venues he's definitely been told to stay away from. keeping his head down makes it easier for him to bump into someone else, however ...]
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[so sometime after the original child grabbing a mama noticed someone didn't exactly have a change of clothes ...

hence a baby in a kimono eating chips and reading a novel in the lobster's den.]
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[someone's been in (his own) bed all day, and it's starting to get kind of late ...]
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[guess who's showing up unannounced at somebody's bachelor shack?]
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