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[normally the swanky vampire apartment is pretty quiet, except for when somebody's fighting somebody else, which is pretty much all the time, though, so—

Seth's room is making weird noises, though. weird familiar. old familiar. bodies under the american walnut floorboards familiar.

needless to say, there's a knock on his door.]

I hear mischief!
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[it's a slow weeknight at the club, which isn't something that bothers him— at least on the surface. he's panicking a little inside, though his face remains icily calm as he ducks outside the back door, hands searching his coat pockets for cigarettes.]
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[i'm napping not in my own bed because i'm a spoiled princess and i do!! what i want!!]
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nil / NL-1984
a member of risu/kor, raised under the new stormtrooper initiative to be a killer since birth. initially thought unsuitable for the program due to his unyielding personality, saved himself from being culled by scoring off the charts in covert missions, leading him to be fast-tracked down the assassin's path. currently risu/insert whatever/if rename them here's resident spy and information gatherer, with a minor in persuasive torture. extremely passive aggressive and manipulative, especially when he doesn't get his way. when he's grounded for too long he tends to turn his persuasive talents on his handlers to generate "entertainment".

lyra orion
genius scion of the family that owns one of the premier combat purpose starship manufacturers. got a degree in maritime space law for fun in between coming up with strategies to decisively crush any competition to the family business. "secret" resistance supporter, not so secret gordon ramsay of the mainstream starship production world. bombastic and impossible to ignore, with an infamous short fuse and a hedonistic streak. a self-proclaimed perfectionist and avid collector of pre-empire tech.

kalen leths
nice boy from a middle class republic family who got his medical license and then ran off with his hotshot rebel pilot boyfriend to join the resistance. they've since broken up, but he's still one of the resistance's best surgeons. the combined separation along with the tragic death of his older brother while in service to the republic has caused him to become something of a recluse. extremely dedicated to his job and with a general amiable attitude, is well beloved by the rebels despite his calculated distance from everyone.

a street kid on one of the major city planets, worked her way up to leader of the local pickpocket gang and is the one who directly reports to the crime lord of the area, who she's quickly becoming a favorite of. has a Mysterious past that may or may not be connected to the youngling slaughter s2. withdrawn and very survival oriented, but fiercely protective of the other children she runs with.

ravi malrek
member of the first order's r&d department, a talented engineer and technician who cares little about the order's goals or methods, and is only truly concerned with the money and supplies the position provides him. eccentric and with generally horrible people skills, the order keeps him on for him extreme lack of all morals despite his sometimes difficult personality.
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[so it is probably hard to believe that two college(?) students can actually afford to rent(?) a small seaside property but who cares, the bills are paid.

a DEFINITELY COLLEGE AGE(?) asshole is coming back in from class, also picked up an entire cheesecake on the way back because why not. completely wrapped up in Pre-Cheesecake Bliss to pay attention to much else.]
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[some nebulous time when things are nice and not all gone to shit this douchebag is in the Seelie royal quarters, sprawled out on a couch texting someone]
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[so yeah baby king of piss-ant mountain has been especially pissy lately, though there's not really any immediately discernible reason why.

whatever it is it's caused him to be even more reclusive than usual. so it's probably a little bit of a surprise when he ends up cornering the demon on one of the rare occasions that he's actually in the house.]

We need to talk.
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[got stuck in the middle of trying to learn how to play a song so is in the kitchen snacking on shit instead. these cookies are unmarked so their probably Luci's. so i'm probably eating them.]
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[i'm in a huff for some Reason, in her room with piles of clothes thrown on the bed and furniture, holding pieces up on herself in front of a mirror before quickly discarding them again.]


Aug. 20th, 2014 07:00 am
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[itt somebody's grocery shopping because dogs apparently only eat pizza and cereal]
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[MEANWHILE a former weretiger child bride is making a house call to a very prestigious family because they Lost Their Fucking Heal Bitch Tengucon XXX]

It's a kidney stone. Humans get them all the time. You should probably just go to one of their doctors.
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[wow what a lovely evening to enjoy a nice book in my nice quiet kind of creepily empty house without interruption]
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[today in somebody's super expensive bachelor pad there's a grumpy shota in nothing but a way too large t-shirt reading a book]
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[itt someone is barging into someone else's room without knocking i hope you weren't doing anything]

Ninny, I need you!
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[HEY WHAT'S UP SLUT someone is calling you on the phone]
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[a century or two ago at some fancy party there is some fancy lady chatting up a super rich new money dude

nothing suspicious here!!]
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[somebody's in the (tiny, shitty) kitchen chopping vegetables

may be wearing an apron while doing so]
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[some hunter douchebag is sniffing around an alley.

yes it's the one with all the cats, where do you think you are?]
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[so, after a raid on a rebel base, some group came back with a certain tengu they were sure to be of high value.

of course they didn't plan for him going fucking batshit crazy, so that caused some problems.

after that was sorted out, there's that aforementioned tengu collapsed on his side in (a well lit!) cell, bandages showing under his torn kimono where he tried to maul himself, hands bound behind his back, breathing shallowly.]
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[so is something crawling into your bed in the middle of the night?

something is crawling into your bed in the middle of the night.]
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